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Some changes include: all vendors will have to wear personal protective equipment. If they don't have any, the city will provide. sanitation stations will be scattered throughout the downtown area.

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Cooling for HCP can be applied prior to (precooling), during (percooling) and after (postcooling) working activities with PPE (figure 1), but it is important to note that there is less evidence for ...

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A PPE back protector pouch is stitched into the lining ... where some protection is sacrificed for improved air flow and cooling. The brushed finish rolled top looks good but for me it can be an ...

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Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay is not a nursing home, and with more than 75 percent of its residents living independently, ...

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) continues to provide financial grants to fund the operation of existing county- or city-run cooling centers.