Ear Defenders

During the coronavirus pandemic, have your kids been using headphones more than usual? Maybe for remote schooling, video chats with relatives, or for their favourite music and Netflix shows? We have ...

Two railway workers struck and killed by a train were wearing ear defenders and could not hear it coming, police believe. The victims, aged 58 and 64, died after being hit by the passenger service ...

ear defenders definition: 1. a pair of pieces of thick material that cover or block the ears to protect them from being…. Learn more.

“It sounded horrific and I wanted to do something. “So I’m making ear defenders that make wearing masks more comfortable. At first I made them out of document folders – I cleared out B&M ...

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Definition of ear defender. : a device (such as an earplug) designed to lessen the transmission of excessive or damaging sound to the auditory receptors of the inner ear.

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