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hand sanitizer dispensers for The Workplace Maintain a hygienic workspace by installing hand sanitizer dispensers around the office. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers help to minimize cross contamination and ensure everyone gets the right amount.

type hand sanitizer dispenser mounting style Wall Mounted Form Foam Capacity 1200 mL Operation Mode Push Material ABS Plastic Color/Finish Graphite For Use With 5110-01; 5121-01; 5124-01; 5151-03; 5159-03; 5168-03; 7749-18 ADA Compliant Yes

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PURELL Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Floor Stand, Light Gray, Floor Stand for use with PURELL LTX or TFX Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispensers – 2424-DS,6.25" x 23.75" x 16.37" by Purell

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Hand sanitizer dispensers supply a premeasured amount of hand sanitizer to help prevent waste. They come in wall, floor, and counter models for convenient access and can also be filled with hand cleaner or hand soap. They are commonly used in restrooms, hallways, doorways, and other high-traffic areas where exposure to bacteria and germs is likely.

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Place your hands beneath these sensor-activated dispensers to release a single squirt of soap. All have an internal reservoir to hold bulk soap,so no separate cartridge is needed. Dispensers help you comply with ADA when properly installed. Power shuts off when the cover is open.