Medical Store Supply Hand Cleansing Gel

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Sanitizer Hand Cleansing Gel

Get our 1 gallon or 4 ounce bottle of cleansing gel is made with Hypochlorous Acid which is an environmentally-friendly acid that is known for being highly-effective to fight against bacteria.

Hand Sanitizer Cleansing Gel Product Details

The Medical Store Supply Hand Cleansing Gel comes in a 1 gallon container. The gel uses Hypochlorous Acid as the active ingredient which is environmentally-friendly, and serves as a safe cleansing gel for hands.  For regular hand cleansing uses, this deep cleansing gel is known for being highly-effective to fight against bacteria and germs.

The sanitizing gel utilizes an innovative hypochlorous acid formula.  With this formula, it serves as a weak acid which naturally occurs in the white blood cells of the human immune system for fighting against bacteria. This sanitizing gel is one of our premiere hypochlorous acid products available on the store.

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Product Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we receive about this product.

What's the hand cleansing gel useful for? 

The hand cleansing gel is useful for on-the-go support to cleansing your hands. Simply use the cleansing gel whenever you need on-the-spot relief to disinfect hands.

How to use the gel?

With this hand cleanser, you can simply apply a drop of cleansing gel in the palm of your hand.  Rub the hand cleansing gel across all surface areas of your hands, and let air dry.

When to use the sanitizing gel?

Hand cleansing gel is handy to have near you to disinfect hands.  If you’re interested in purchasing new hand cleansing gel, you can order today-- while supplies last! Call or email Medical Store Supply today for any additional questions or for bulk order pricing.