Medical Store Supply Hand Sanitizer

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Medical Store Supply Hand Sanitizer Product Details

The Medical Store Supply Hand Sanitizer comes in a 1 gallon container.  The sanitizer uses the approved formulation that is FDA-approved and contains 80% alcohol, which is a higher alcohol percentage compared to other sanitizers on the market today.

Medical Store Supply's hand sanitizer is known for being highly-effective at fighting against bacteria and germs.  By using a higher percentage of alcohol than most on the market, the gallon hand sanitizer product provides an advanced formula which is why more retail establishments are choosing this product to protect their customers and employees.  Experience the difference by choosing the gallon size hand sanitizer to combat 99.9% germs without water. This product comes with a pump so you can confidently clean your areas with a highly-effective formula!

*One pump is included for every four gallon bottles you order, and more pumps can be purchased at checkout.