Numedico ClickZip Syringes - Zero Leakage and Low Dead Space

ClickZip needle retractable safety syringe Swiss Technology, is a new active, high quality with needle retraction to prevent reuse and a tilted needle innovation to prevent the needle being pushed out of the barrel. Its design is exactly like traditional syringe with the added  benefit of Locking mechanism and a tilted needle innovation to prevent reuse and needle stick injury. The product meets International Standard for Medical Devices and OSHA recommendations for needle–stick safety devices. No leakage and minimal Dead Space. The Product is Latex Free, US FDA Approved and CE marked, and listed with World Health Organization (WHO). The product size ranges from 0.5ml, Insulin, Tuberculin, 1 ml 3ml, 5 ml and 10 ml. ClickZipTM technology is suitable for extension to other needle bearing products including IV scalp vein sets, IV catheters and pre-filled delivery systems. Our advantages are quality and easy to use design, meanwhile our pricing are competitive.
After LOCKING mechanism is activated, the contaminated needle is safely retracted into the barrel and TILT to one side to prevent the needle being PUSH OUT
  • Prevent Needle Stick Injury
  • Prevent reuse
  • No waste sharp container require
  • No Gap – minimal Dead Space
  • No Leakage
  • Sharpe Needle
  • Triple Cut needle to reduce Injection Pain
  • Transparent Barrel and Bold Graduation
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Manual activation and Increase User Control
  • Low cost solution
  • Easy to use
  • Latex Free
  • It is estimate that 30-50% of some 12 billion injections given per year are administered unsafely. The main reasons for unsafe injections are: - Reusable syringes are properly sterilized before use - Reuse of disposable syringe - Used syringe are not disposed properly
    What is safe injection?
    World Health Organization defines a safe injections as one that
  • Does not expose the health worker to avoid risk
  • Does not result in waste that puts other people at risk
    What are the Risks?
  • - Hepatitis B
  • - Hepatitis C
  • - Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
  • - Ebola
  • - Others including Syphilis, Herpes, Brucellosis….



    The product size ranges from 0.5ml, Insulin, Tuberculin, 1 ml 3ml, 5 ml and 10 ml.
    ClickZipTM technology is suitable for extension to other needle bearing products including IV scalp vein sets, IV catheters and pre-filled delivery systems.





    Features & Benefits

    Active Retractable-Needle technology: Manual retraction Increase User’s control
    After the injection the user can retract the needle before or after removing the needle from the patient. Increase User’s control and safety
    No change to injection technique No or Minimal training required
    After the use, the needle tilts to one side into the syringe barrel Prevents needle driven back off the barrel. Increase safety , prevents misuse
    The barrel incorporates the plunger backstopper Prevents the syringe disassembling
    The safety feature is an integral part of the device No “Add-on” safety features. No additional operation required. Friendly use
    The user can hear and feel when the locking mechanism is activated Increase user’s confidence. Meets the NIOSH recommendation for needle stick safety devices
    After needle retraction the plunger is snapped off encapsulating the used needle Safe disposal after injection
    Break away the plunger Prevent Misuse
    Full Compliance with ISO Quality System for Manufacturing Meets International standards for Medical Devices. No leakage.
    Low Manufacturing cost Cost competitive vs other safety engineered medical devices
    ClickZip™ Technology flexibility Compatibility with various medical devices for drawing and injecting drugs

    Safe Technologies

    Technology Risk of Re-Use Risk of Accidental Stick Product Cost Training Required
    Single Use Low High Low Low
    Single Sheath/Sleeve Medium/High  Medium Low/Moderate Medium
    Automatic Retraction Low Low High Low
    Manual Retraction Low Low Moderate Low
    ** According to World Health Organization Report

    Who We Are:
    We are an Adelaide, South Australia, based exclusive licensee and distributor of the highest quality injectable delivery system


    Numedico has been selected as the exclusive licensee and distributor in the Asia Western Pacific region for the ClickZip® Needle Retractable Safety Syringe. With our sales office headquartered in Bangkok we are able to respond in a timely manner to your orders and provide the aftermarket service you are looking for.
    Our purpose - Everyday, to challenge the status quo, ourselves, clients and our community to always be better today than we were yesterday.
    Our mission- is to provide access to a truly utilitarian medical device.
    ClickZip® meets our criteria in that it is simple to use (little if any training is required),safe and reliable with an exchangeable and fully retracting (and tilting) needle. Most importantly it is affordable.
    Needle Retractable Safety Syringe Dead Space
    Nominal Capacity Standard Requirement ClickZip™ Terumo SurGard BD SafetyGlide™
    Insulin 1 ml 0.020 0.018
    1 ml 0.020  0.018 0.030 0.0550
    3 ml 0.070 0.025 0.037 0.0689
    5 ml 0.075 0.034 0.059 0.0689
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    Nicodel S.A.
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