GEMTIER Butterfly Safety Blood Collection Set (21G x 3/4″) Box of 50

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The Gemtier Safety Butterfly Blood Collection Set is specifically developed to reduce the risk of infectious disease transmission for healthcare providers by actively protecting against needle stick injury and reuse.


This safety needle is used in the same way as a traditional butterfly needle, with the added benefit of a protective sleeve that can be locked in place over the needle once it is withdrawn from
the patient.
The Gemtier Safety Butterfly Needle offers significant cost savings when compared to other safety needles on the market and can be used to reduce health and safety risks in any medical setting including hospitals, medical centres, surgical clinics, blood collection services, mobile medical services, veterinary and International Aid Projects.
To Use:
1. Insert the butterfly needle using the appropriate protocol and secure the wings with tape to stabilise.
2. Complete procedure as per protocol. Once complete, and the needle is no longer required, disconnect the tubing and remove the secured tape.
3. Withdraw the needle from the patient and immediately pull the protective safety sleeve up over the exposed needle until the needle is fully covered and a ?click? is heard.
4. The needle  is now covered and disabled. Dispose of as per protocol.