Medical Store Supply Cleansing Wash

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4 oz or 1 gal Bottle Of Sanitizer Cleansing Wash

We have 4 oz. or 1 gallon bottle of cleansing wash is made with Hypochlorous Acid which is an environmentally-friendly acid that is known for being highly-effective to fight against bacteria.

Deep Sanitizer Cleansing Wash Product Details

The Medical Store Supply Deep Cleansing Wash comes in a 4 oz or 1 gallon bottle. The cleansing wash uses Hypochlorous Acid which is environmentally-friendly, and serves as a gentle cleansing wash used on surfaces, doorknobs and is safe for use on hands.

The Deep Cleansing Wash utilizes a newer technology that many are not aware of being a game changer in effectiveness against bacteria and viruses. The ingredient in this product is called Hypochlorous Acid and is approved by the EPA for use in medical facilities and even in the food production process.

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Product Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we receive about this product.

Why is Medical Store Supply's deep cleansing wash considered to be one of the best cleansing wash products on the market today?

Cleansing wash health concerns have been top-of-mind, and rather than providing a run of the mill product, our team innovated to provide you with a deep cleansing wash solution that is better at fighting germs.  Hypochlorous acid (or HOCL) is the active ingredient which is environmentally-friendly and serves as a great surface wash cleansing solution.  Now with the 4 oz bottle of cleansing wash, you will have a versatile cleansing wash solution that is more effective than the closest substitutes on the market today.

What is cleansing wash?

Our cleansing sanitizer wash is useful for fighting germs and bacteria on commonly-used surfaces.  With our formula, the cleansing wash can be used on surfaces, door handles, knobs and other areas that regularly involve human contact.  Additionally, the cleansing wash is gentle enough to cleanse hands, too.

How will this product help with my cleansing wash routine?

Disinfect an area by adding a drop of the cleansing wash, and allow for air dry.  The cleansing wash disinfects surfaces such as door handles, countertops and any other common area where bacteria and germs might be present.  Now your routine can be improved by incorporating an environmentally-friendly, highly-effective solution to fight germs and viruses!